My key to happiness <3

I’ve often observed people to be NOT happy. They are caring, sad, sorrowful, irritated, angry, proud and a lot of other emotions, but never happy. Today , as I went outside , I saw a man taking his son for a walk and he seemed disturbed . There was another saleswoman in the showroom we went to, wherein she was irritated at every single customer who was approaching her. It was a busy day, so quite understandable. After I got the item i wanted , I was content, but wasn’t happy. My dad was satisfied with the purchase. Everyone is everything , but happy. Why is that ? Why aren’t people always happy?

Coming to think of it, how do people make themselves happy? Let me jot down a few points and check :

  1. Getting themselves gifts ( ie electronic gadgets, dresses, cosmetic items)

  2. Getting others gifts

  3. Spending time with a loved one

  4. Planning on doing something and achieving it

  5. Helping others

These are very generic , and I can think of at least thousand things like this. So, why am I writing this post now? Because I think this is going to make me happy. So let me think of ten things that make me happy.

  1. Going to temple and informing God about the big list of things to be done.

  2. Talking with my brother

  3. A call from my best friend(s), or a long whatsapp chat with them

  4. A beautiful set of earrings, a necklace set, golden bangles ❀

  5. A colourful kurta that fits me perfectly πŸ˜€

  6. The Sambar and Rasam that my mom makes for me

  7. A get-together with cousins

  8. A 10-hour sleep on my bed

  9. Watching my favorite serial on time πŸ˜›

  10. Daydreaming

If I were a bird, happiness would be my wings. Happiness makes people 100% productive. So guys , lets all keep ourselves happy. If things are going bad and making you sad, remember that worrying isn’t going to make it good, but accepting it is going to make your next step easy. So come on, prepare your happy-list and start being happy πŸ˜€



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