“Don’t talk to me . Leave me please “

“No.. I cannot take it anymore. There’s a limit for my patience. I do care for you. Yes I do, and honestly, I care for you the most. Do you know why? Because you are my best friend. And you are supposed to be feeling the same way too. But what do you do? You don’t even call and wish me on my birthday. Sending a text, or putting up a long birthday post (in a social medium) isn’t enough for me. Couldn’t you have spent a minute for me in wishing me over voice, over the phone? How much could it cost you, a few bucks? Yes, I do know that you are starting your new job today, but I still think you could spend a minute to wish your best friend a happy birthday. You know why I am making this (small thing) an issue? It’s because your one minute wish means the best to me. To hear your voice utter those wonderful wishes for me, that is what I want from you. It surely didn’t matter to you, and after the long exchanges of messages, it still doesn’t matter to you that I wanted a wish (by voice) from you on my birthday, but that I fight with you (even) on my birthday. Enough of this madness. Let me not sit back at India, wishing for small things that you are not going to do for me. ” , says Ananya, who is disappointed with Vibheesh.

Vibheesh sees this long text and is thinking to himself “How much ever I try to make her understand, she doesn’t. She is my best friend and she cares a lot for me, but she never understands me. Why is that ? Is it because she is too egoistic to see the other side of any argument? Or is it because she cares too much for me, that the need to understand just goes away? Looks like she doesn’t want to be my friend anymore. Let me put a full stop to this incessant yapping. ”

Vibheesh’s reply : “See An, I couldn’t call you because I couldn’t. I was stuck up at work. This was my first day at work, and how could I mess it up? To be clear, I did wish you over messages and posts. When I wish you over the post, you fight telling I didn’t insert a picture of ours. I didn’t want to extend the fight on your birthday. But let me tell you something that you should probably understand first. It is your birthday, yes, and it is special for you. But grow up!! Expecting people to call and wish you, and spoiling your happiness over the fact that they didn’t call is foolishness. You’ve got to stop expecting people to treat you special on their birthday. People have works, priorities and commitments . See your parents –  they don’t get upset over not getting calls from their folks. They accept it. I’ve always told you this , do not expect too much. The way you are accusing me of not calling, it even makes me feel guilty for not calling you. So please!! Understand. You never understand me. You always fight with me, and I always try to make it ok. Even now, see, you shouted , and now you want to go away from me. Go, if that is what you want. I will not stop you. It’s time you learn your lesson the hard way. Bye”

Here goes this argument. Ananya has stopped talking with Vibheesh. Ananya cannot stop expecting, and Vibheesh wants Ananya to grow up. Their constant bickering : Does it mean they don’t value their friendship? That they allow petty things to break their friendship that has been built over 5 awesome years? Ananya wants to walk out, and isn’t stopped by Vibheesh here. Isn’t a friend supposed to stop another friend from walking out of his/her life? More than friends, are they just man-woman , with their ego overshadowing their care for each other?

After a few days, Ananya’s anger subsided. In spite of all the differences they’ve had , she always has loved Vibheesh. Ananya decided to take the first step of apologizing. Ananya thinks she is right this time. That she doesn’t want such a person in her life. But she has really loved him. How can she let him go? She messages him and asks if they can resume their talking, that it has been a while, and that her care for him matters more to her. Vibheesh replies, “No. Let us face the fact that we are not right for each other. Let us not spoil some beautiful memories. Let it be this way. Don’t talk to me. Stand still with your point, that you will not talk with me ever again. Bye”.

Ananya knew it the moment she sent that text, that he wouldn’t be ready. Well, as you sow, so you reap.



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