Nothing makes a difference anymore!

What does it take to give a call to someone you have not been in touch with since ages? What does it take to reply to a long mail that a loved one sends you with a lot of fondness ? How did it work out before if it doesnot work out now? What went wrong now, what did not go right then? So many unanswered questions, so many confusing moments that lead to a revisit of every memory together.

Yes, I get it .. It is a basic misunderstanding that needs some talking out. That requires some patience and miccha-soccham care that’s still left. But what do you call a miser who spends money in excess, but love and care in careful amounts?

Time zone differences aren’t / shouldn’t be an excuse at all. May be that is why our wise ancestors avoided international travel. They might have had an inkling that so many things can go wrong at one time – even in friendship.

Well, I do muse and fret. But honestly, nothing makes a difference anymore!


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