13 Reasons Why – Why I love this!

Spoiler Alert

Yes, I have watched the new Netflix series “13 Reasons Why” Season 1 in about 2 and a half days, and I must say that it has been one of the best series I’ve ever watched till now. Here are a few highlights I feel the need to discuss –

  • Spotlight on the most taken for granted issue in society. Depression is something that’s a part of everyone. What with the society standards, personal standards, family standards – there’s a lot to keep up, and there is always one part of silence in us that screams loud if not ignored. What I love about this series is that it doesn’t talk of depression as taboo, or as a straight cut cowardly thing. It shows how depression builds up, how after umpteen number of tries you still find yourself unable to come out of. Personally, I do not encourage the “suicidal” intentions that spin off of depression. But hey, you can never know how strong the person is, or what they are dealing with, right?
  • Spotlight on suicide awareness. There have been mixed responses to this series – because of the explicit scenes and all teenage drama that can really get to you. But, nothing is more welcoming than the naked truth. Speak for yourself – I’m sure you can related to one of the many things that have happened – if you’ve ever been to high school. There’s a lot of drama, cultural influences (I’m an Indian – so I speak of the western culture as an influence here) and potty mouthing that leads up to a variety of incidences that are finally summed up as the “Butterfly effect”.
  • The lead pair performances. Dylan Minnette and Katherine Langford have played their part wonderfully. Hannah Baker (Katherine) is an attractive young female with the normal ‘I’m an adolescent who wants some attention from guys’ mindset. Clay Jenson (Dylan) is the silent, strong nerd who mingles very less and keeps away from all drama. He’s the kind of guy that girls want, after they’re done fooling around with the wrong ones. Dylan’s excellent, especially the scenes where he struggles to accept and let people know that they were also the reasons that led to Hannah Baker’s suicide.
  • The depth of all the characters. Jessica, Alex, Justin, Bryce, Sheri Courtney, Zac, Tyler, Marcus, Ryan, Mr. Porter. All of these characters have a nice well defined edge to them – which I really love! Here’s my assessment of their characters:
    • Jessica – smart , beautiful, cared for by so many guys that she falls prey to her being the girlfriend of a popular boy.
    • Alex – Heart’s in the right place for this guy. He’s one of the characters who’s really evolved and relates to everything that the tapes said.
    • Justin – Sorry, but I’m gonna be crass here. He’s the asshole who let things happen. Who’s so troubled by his family, that he takes it out on others and cannot stand upto anyone, especially Bryce. I did feel very sorry for him though, because he just couldn’t handle himself, and so let others handle him instead.
    • Bryce – No comments here. Everyone who’s seen the series will know he’s probably the kid that should give an eff about girls. He sees them as nothing but pleasure bunnies, and the worst part is that he uses them as pleasure bunnies too.
    • Sheri – She’s this seemingly good kid with some shades. We all know such people in life – they are very sweet, and thus even small bad things they do can look a hundred times worse.
    • Courtney – She is the sly selfish one I can probably never ever forgive. This poser and liar is one helluva attention seeker who is projecting her sexual denial frustations onto the scapegoat here. Well Courtney – you can’t eat the cake and have it too!!
    • Zac – I’m not even going to say anything about this one.
    • Tyler – Ah. This one’s a real whiner – and a sneaky voyeur, if I may. He has got this need to know/uncover everything about everyone, which is just convenient for the bad ones, and quite inconvenient for the good.
    • Marcus – He is just the male version of Courtney.
    • Ryan – Ryan’s apparent timid nature irritates me – he is just a weird guy (read: different from normal) who wants to be noticed.
    • Mr. Porter – You know, I can never understand why Mr. Porter did what he had to do. The actor Derek Luke, has either done a great job of acting way too well, or has done a crappy job that I cannot understand – Mr. Porter never seems to take a lot of interest in students’ life as counsellor. He always looks to mind more about the legalities, and to not blow up the school’s reputation. His way of talking with the kids – I see it as disinterested, misguided and diffident. Till now, I do not know if this is because that’s how the character is, or whether the actor has done a bad job.

All in all, I think this series has got something none of us have –  the ability to show the truth as is. I’m so looking forward to the next season. Hannah – we all mourn your death! R.I.P.

P.S. Leave comments about what you think of the series! 🙂 and of my thoughts.


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