No, I’m not a feminist . I just want the world to be a better place to live in.

Day 1 : A minor girl raped by a 38 year old man.

Day 2 : Class II student raped by school gym teacher

Day 3 : Woman with a friend in an abandoned house at 10 PM; woman raped and the friend gagged and beaten up

Day 4 : Girl alleges that the father has sexually assaulted her. Father denies the claim , police to investigate.

It has become quite a routine now, to read all this either in page 1 or page 3 in our daily newspaper. But my childhood was different. We never had such news at all. People were not terrified to send their girls out after 7 PM, if really necessary. I still remember, my friends who were boys, would accompany me to my home, ensure I reach home and then would cycle their way back to their homes.

While I’m trying to see what is going wrong these days, I can also see that some girls are taking undue advantage of the fact that the society respects woman. What happened to the likes of our father, brother and friend ? All you third person males out there – Aren’t you having a sister or a mother or a daughter or a friend who needs a responsible male ? Westernization has occupied India very much , yes, but girls donot get raped back and forth in the West. Something is going terribly wrong these days- Isn’t India supposed to investigate the matter and change herself? We say mother India so proudly – A mother cannot tolerate her children doing wrong things repeatedly. She would either affectionately explain her kid that he/she has to stop doing what’s wrong, else beat him/her black and blue until he fears to even think of doing something wrong. I do not see Indians attempting to do either – Protesting with the police or the government will not help. The change should come from within. Every man should realise that he can face dire consequences and end up losing his life , for that 11 minutes that he wants to enjoy by unleashing himself onto some girl using force. Every guy should realise that his name and reputation might be terribly tainted if he thinks to treat a woman like she has no self respect. Every guy should realise that it is HIS duty to protect all his loved ones from men unlike him, by ensuring that he keeps his women away from such perverts. Girls should be taught to not trust any guy rightaway – they should pause , think and put their safety first ahead of “What if I do what i want, when I want? ” , because of a simple reason : Somehow, we are always the victim – never them.

As a last word , I have a sincere wish that I wish God grants me in my next birth – Dear God, Please make sure that in your next creation , a man is born with a uterus and vagina , and a woman is born with testes and penis. While we as women, would not want to take revenge for whatever’s happening in this birth, we would for sure love to see how men handle themselves, when force is unleashed on them.